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Bremedic Trade & Consulting GmbH

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Delivering solutions for your healthcare projects


Medical Equipment

A procurement process that is prepared well saves time and money. For your project, we provide an excellent market overview that takes into account our large network of manufacturers and suppliers. 

Bremedic sources medical equipment globally and supports customers in their procurement all over the world. 

We provide manufacturer-independent planning and support the procurement process with optimized advise for healthcare projects of any size.


Laboratory & Scientific Equipment

Setting up a professional laboratory is a complex task. 
Bremedic supports you in planning your laboratory and sourcing the right equipment for your specific needs. 

Our equipment expertise is focused on the science sector including Healthcare Research, Life Sciences, Academic, Material Testing & Biotech.  


Central Sterilization Services 

The Central Sterilization services Department (CSSD) is the key element for any modern hospital. 

Bremedic offers consultancy and planning services for all aspects of CSSD projects. We have valuable experience in layout and workflow planning as well as equipment selection and pre-installations planning. 
In order to provide the best solution, we take into account the equipment costs as well as operating and life cycle costs.


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Field Hospital Solutions

A field hospital is used as a temporary solution when a natural disaster hits, or when a fast response is required for a pandemic or armed conflict.

It needs a well-designed tent-system that is built for the harshest environments and medical equipment that can be used in the field and relocated quickly. 

Bremedic offers expertise in providing high-quality medical technology for tented field hospitals and containerized mobile clinics. We provide complete solutions but also support in equipping existing mobile or semi-mobile medical facilities.


Mobile Medical Solutions 

In emergency situations, providing first aid, patient care and transport requires adequate vehicles and equipment.

We offer vehicles and equipment packages for ambulances, mobile clinics and disaster response - from basic ambulances to special purpose vehicles. 
Our aim is to integrate medical devices and equipment as best as possible in order to meet customer needs for emergency medical care. 

Mobile Medical solutions, Emergency ventilator, Combat medics, medical evacuation, Sanitäter

Medical Training Equipment

Training is an important element in medical care, first aid and for emergency medical services. 

We collaborate with top-tier manufacturers to supply realistic simulation equipment for clinical staff training or Tactical Combat Casualty Care.

Our portfolio includes lifesize training manikins, CPR trainers, consumables, and much more.

Training equipment, simuation, Tactical combat casualty care, staff training. medical training. manikins

Consulting Services for
African Markets

Benefit from our large network and hands-on experience on the African continent. 

Having years of experience in working in Africa, we support your organization with market insights, business development concepts and project management. 
Together with our experienced partner E&P Focus Africa Consulting GmbH we can handle complex and highly specialized consulting mandates. 


Tender Bid Management

Tender bid management is a very complex business with strict requirements for technical and commercial documentation.

We support you in preparing a professional bidding document for a diverse range of public tenders, from international organizations like the European Union, Worldbank, and UN through national institutions like Ministries of Health to organisations in the NGO sector. 



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What we do

The healthcare industry is complex and fast-paced. Healthcare providers have to deal with technological innovations, new trends and regulatory standards continuously.

The challenge is to find the right products, always balancing between quality, budget, lifetime costs and other factors. All these have to be taken into account - in an industry with thousands of brands, models and quality levels.

Getting lost in this field leads to increased costs in procurement, project delays and, ultimately, inadequate patient care.

Bremedic has been founded to provide solutions by supporting customers to reduce procurement costs and to find the best medical equipment for their healthcare project.

We also provide medical equipment packages for customers from other sectors for their turn-key project.

Bremedic is a member of the Germany Health Alliance.

Modern Architecture


Our vision is simplifying medical equipment projects in providing our expertise and experience from having handled countless healthcare projects. We have a longstanding history of successful cooperation with hospitals, medical planners and architects and have the capability to implement projects all over the world.

We aim at always finding the best product for your project – no matter if it is a hospital in a developing country, medical training equipment, laboratory equipment or a mobile field hospital.

We stand for flexibility, reliability and on-time deliveries.

Bremedic provides complete equipment packages for international healthcare projects as well as consulting services for health facility planning, equipment sourcing, project & bid management and related fields. 

Together with experienced consulting partners, manufacturers and project specialists we provide tailored solutions and create value for you. 

With more than a decade of experience in tender business in the healthcare & scientific sector, mobile medical solutions and turnkey projects, we are the right partner for your project. 

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